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Educational Podcast

The podcast that I watched was directed by Dave Sladkey and Scott Miller. In their podcast they are speaking about Smart Boards and dual touch. They explain some great ways to use the board with more then one student at a time during class.

The 800 series Smart Board is what they speak about throughout the podcast. I feel this board is unique because it not only has one camera but four. A camera in each corner of the board allows the senors to register that there are two students interacting with the board at the same time. Both students are able to write at the same time instead of one student at a time. I think this is great because it allows a teacher to involve more students at one time.

This board is also touch driven and this simply means that you can enlarge, shrink, and even rotate objects just by the touch of your hand. Since you can have two students using the board at the exact same time you can have them also solve equations together at the same time. Using the board during a math class is a great way to teach a lesson. In the podcast it is said many times that two students may use the board at the same time while writing but one student could write while the other student may use the erasing tool at the same time.

Dave and Scott also introduce ways to play game with your students on the Smart Board towards the end of the podcast.

I enjoyed listening to this podcast because when I become a teacher I know for certain I want to use a Smart Board. I think it’s great how the 800 series can allow to students to work at the same time.