RSS Reader

RSS technology can be helpful in my teaching career because it is a great way to generate information that i need for me and my students. If I wanted to subscribe to a teaching magazine because it has  many new and exciting activities I could use with my students I would simply use the feed collector. This would collect all the new content for me so I wouldn’t have to click through many pages over and over again. This would be very useful to me because as an early childhood educator I would be constantly on the move and wouldn’t have the extra time to sit and rummage through tons of pages.

If I were to use weblogs with my students I would easily be able to collect their assignments from them my using the feed collector. It makes classrooms paperless which is also great because you won’t have to worry about losing papers and going paperless is a great way to help the environment!

I chose to use the Google Reader for my RSS reader.

I subscribed to Stuart Jones, Kelly Winters, Raechel Lautenschlager, Amanda Baderstcher, and Mitch Augenstein.


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