Early Childhood Educators and Why They Blog

http://progressiveearlychildhoodeducation.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-good-reasons-why-teachers-should.html                                                                                               This is Jenny’s blog. She chose to blog because as a preschool teacher she finds it frustrating talking about formalized learning programs. She also lists several reasons on why she thinks it’s great for other teachers to blog.


This is Larry’s blog. In this blog you will find that he writes about why teachers shouldn’t blog, but also why he does blog. He feels that writing a blog allows him to express himself, and it pushes him to be more creative.


This is Vicki’s blog. She chose to blog because as a teacher she finds it to be very helpful. She wants her students to be winners and know what they are doing in life. She has also been writing since she was eight, and that is the main reason she wanted to start blogging.

I think it may be important for a teacher to blog because it helps them express themselves. Blogging may also help them get better advice and widen their knowledge. It is also said that blogging can also help teachers reach their students in a more effective way.


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